The Memorial Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi was chartered in 1897 and is the oldest continuously running fraternity in Montreal.

Composed of current undergraduate students from McGill University, Alpha Delta Phi is home to many generations of students from the Montreal area and abroad. The Fraternity’s tradition is to seek members from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, fields of study, interests and skills.

As lifelong members of a fraternal brotherhood, Brothers unite to participate in an atmosphere of energetic and concerted interaction where the moral, social and intellectual aspects of each man’s character may grow and flourish. Special importance is attached to five areas: enhancing personal self esteem; promoting constructive respect and caring for others with diverse backgrounds and personalities; developing leadership qualities and self discipline; improving scholastic and literary skills; and serving the school and community.


Graduation is by no means an end to the brotherhood. Alumni living across the globe share their newly gained knowledge and skills with the new generations.

The insight of alumni is key towards maintaining the operation of the chapter beyond the responsibilities of the actives. The alumni conduct fundraising efforts, donation collection, repairs and renovation and general upkeep. They become a resource to the younger brothers as mentors, networking connections, friends and confidants. The promise to take care of one’s fellow brothers extends from alumni to actives and holds true for decades.

Our alumni are eager to help graduating brothers enter the workforce and they take an active role in finding jobs for graduates as well as pointing them in the right direction. Alumni reaching out to actives on the hunt for professional success assisting brothers upon graduation is a tradition from which many of our brothers have benefitted.


During the Great War (World War I), 133 Brothers were in service, 39 wounded, 17 killed in action or died in service, and 67 received honors and citations.

In the Second World War, 183 Brothers from the Chapter served in the various armed services, both of the Commonwealth and the United States. Of those, 22 Brothers were killed in action or died in service.

During the war years there were only four active Brothers. Only the generous assistance of the Alumni Organization enabled the house to act as a Fraternity. The return of the servicemen in 1945 allowed the Chapter to run efficiently again and prospered as one of the most prominent fraternities on campus, becoming one of the leaders in all branches of college activity.

Once again the continued support of the Alumni Organization allowed the Chapter to continue. The Chapter has since rebounded and now continues as a very active participant in campus affairs. The library of the chapter house is dedicated as a War Memorial, suitably decorated with many pictures of the Brothers who served their King and Country, hence the name Memorial Chapter.



Being a member of Alpha Delta Phi means belonging to the longest standing Greek organization on campus as well as a network of active brothers across North America.

Over a longer horizon, there is the joy of lifelong friendships with men who hold similar aims and ideals. ΑΔΦ introduces you to a brotherhood that will help you pursue and reach your full potential as both a leader and a man on the grounds of strong academics, leadership, athletics and unbreakable ties of brotherhood. Undergraduate brothers often receive their first introduction to a profession or a business career through successful alumni who have had similar experiences.

To receive a bid for pledgeship, one must present himself at the formal Rush period. Rush serves as a non-commitment series of events, which allows the active brotherhood and the prospective member to learn about each other. Info about the Rush period can be found on our Facebook page.